Create, Exfoliate, and Perfect Kit

$39.99 USD

“Create, Exfoliate and Perfect Kit” – Online Exclusive- a $60 dollar value only $39.99

Includes an autographed paperback copy of Christianne’s lifestyle cookbook!

This kit contains an awesome set of our products to help you perfect your skin and bring new recipes and information into your life!  Great for all skin types.

Kit contains:

  • Autographed paperback copy of Christianne’s Herbal Kitchen: Fresh Herb Recipes for Body and Soul. Enjoy Christianne’s acclaimed lifestyle cookbook that combines fresh herb based food recipes with beauty tips and recipes scattered throughout the book.  Christianne shares the history of some common herbs and teaches you how to use some of the same ingredients on your face and body to improve your skin, your health and your life!
  • Fairydust Sunkiss – Full size.  The daily moisturizing, skin-perfecting, antioxidant, vitamin and essential oil-rich treatment you cannot live without! Use every day under makeup or add a drop to your foundation to bring a perfect glow without being obvious. Massage onto arms for a subtle boost of color or onto face and neck to even out skin tone. Great for all skin types and skin tones.
  • Polish & Glow Exfoliator + Mask – Full size.  A light exfoliator infused with the calming and uplifting aromas of organic essential oils of lavender and organic sweet orange. Formulated with organic oat flour, it’s gentle enough to be used everyday to keep skin looking fresh and new. Can be used as a revitalizing mask twice a week for deep cleaning.
  • Ah-Mazing Beauty Elixir – 1/8 ounce Travel size. A sample size of our most popular product! An antioxidant-rich serum and moisturizing powerhouse formulated for aging skin.

Made with uplifting, soothing aromas and organic ingredients, this elixir is packed with precious essential oils shown to fight signs of aging, help with problem skin, even skin tone and lessen the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

See individual ingredient listings for Fairydust Sunkiss, Polish & Glow Exfoliator + Mask, and Ah-Mazing Beauty Elixir