about our high quality ingredients

Read About the Incredible Ingredients and Anti-Aging Essential Oils in Christianne’s Natural Beauty Products:

Carrot Seed (steam distilled): Organic. Christianne’s hands-down favorite essential oil for aging skin. High in carotene and vitamin A, it is considered one of the best oils to enhance the appearance of mature and wrinkled skin. Its chemical composition may help stimulate cell growth, remove toxins, revitalizing and toning the skin. It is beneficial for all skin types and especially helpful for dermatitis, aging skin, eczema, rashes and scars. This oil was prized in Ancient Greece and Rome for its medicinal value.  Found in Ah-Mazing Beauty Elixir, Fairy Dust Sunkiss, Fairy Dust Moonkiss

Geranium (steam distilled): Organic. Geranium is said to help balance skin oils and improve blood circulation, balancing hormones and working as a natural diuretic to remove toxins. It’s useful for all skin types and is especially prized for helping scars, age spots and blemishes.   A great anti-inflammatory, geranium is excellent for aging skin. In aromatherapy, geranium is used to reduce anxiety and depression while promoting a cheery disposition.  Found in Ah-Mazing Beauty Elixir, Fairy Dust Sunkiss, Fairy Dust Moonkiss

Rose (Rosa Damascena-steam distilled): Organic. Rose essential oil is one of the best oils for shining, fresh and youthful skin of all skin types. It contains a compound called farnesol which is a natural antibacterial agent that may help regenerate new skin. Rose can help tighten pores (astringent) and has been said to regulate and balance hormone production. Historically, Cleopatra was said to have taken aromatic baths using rose petals to help tempt her lovers. The aroma promotes feelings of happiness, peace, self esteem and feelings of love and romance.  Found in Ah-Mazing Beauty Elixir

Neroli (Orange Blossom- steam distilled): Great for all skin types but especially sensitive, irritated, acne prone, and aging skin. Neroli can help to stimulate cell growth, regenerate skin cells and improve skin elasticity. This rejuvenating oil is useful to prevent scar tissue, a stretch marks and broken capillaries. Popular as a natural perfume for hundreds of years, the incredible floral scent of neroli is used extensively in aromatherapy to promote feelings of happiness, and peace. Neroli is also used to comfort and uplift the mind and heart.  Found in Ah-Mazing Beauty Elixir, Euphoria Uplifting Perfume Oil

Jasmine (CO2 extracted): Organic. This incredible oil is distilled using CO2 extraction, NOT solvents so it’s pure, uncut and filled with therapeutic benefits. This is not an absolute- this is the real deal! One of the most expensive oils in the world, the name Jasmine comes from the Persian word “yasmin” which means “a gift from God”. Jasmine is a fantastic oil for all skin types, especially dry, irritated and sensitive skin. It is helpful for chapped skin, stretch marks, scars and can help improve the skins elasticity. The fragrant oil of jasmine is used in aromatherapy for its euphoric, stress relieving, sensual, and romantic effects.  Found in Ah-Mazing Beauty Elixir

Everlasting (Helichrysum- steam distilled): Incredibly rare, this special oil is the only essential oil in the world to contain a specific compound (b-diketone) that is prized for helping with skin rejuvenation and scars. The word Helichrysum is derived from the Greek words helios (sun) and chrysos (gold). This potent oil has been used since the time of the ancient Greeks to heal wounds (often after battle). Helichrysum is still extremely respected for its skin healing properties. In aromatherapy, helichrysum is used for stress relief and promoting a happy mood.  Found in Ah-Mazing Beauty Elixir

Lavender (steam distilled): Organic.  Often found in skincare blends, lavender is a gentle anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerator with a high ester content.  It’s fantastic for all skin types.  The aroma can be intoxicating, soothing and calming (as is the oil itself on the skin).  Lavender is also believed to have a synergistic effect on a blend- amplifying the rest of the oils and their properties. Lavender’s reputation as a skin healing oil was established after a scientist burned his hand in a laboratory accident.  He placed the wound in Lavender oil and healed incredibly fast. Found in Take-It-All-Off Oil Cleanser, Tone-It-Up Facial Toner, Polish & Glow Exfoliator & Mask, For Play Arousing Perfume Oil

Sweet Orange (cold-pressed): Organic. Known for it’s mood enhancing qualities, Sweet Orange essential oil is also great to help brighten your skin.  It can promote the production of collagen as well as increase the blood flow, and even act as a detoxifier. It is helpful at soothing dry, irritated skin as well as acne-prone skin. Found in Take-It-All-Off Oil Cleanser, Tone-It-Up Facial Toner, Polish & Glow Exfoliator & Mask,  Euphoria Uplifting Perfume Oil

Roman Chamomile (steam distilled):  This soothing essential oil has an incredibly high ester content- more than 80%!  This high ester content makes it helpful as an anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and calming oil.  It’s fantastic for inflammation and redness, and can help to soothe damaged skin. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, experts believe that when used topically in products like skin cleansers, Roman chamomile oil can help reduce dryness and itching, which may be helpful in treating conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  Found in our Take-It-All-Off Cleansing Oil

Peppermint (steam distilled): Organic. Extremely high in menthol, peppermint essential oil is a fantastic astringent with strong anti-microbial qualities.  This oil will perk up your senses while tightening your pores.  It’s been prized for its medicinal qualities for thousands of years.

About our 100% Organic, Cold-Pressed Carrier Oils and Other Ingredients:

Jojoba Oil: Organic and cold pressed. Our jojoba delivers the most nutrients possible without any toxic solvents or high heat. Great for all skin types. Jojoba is closest to the natural oils on our skin and is well known as a skin softening moisturizer. It also helps unclog pores, works as an anti-inflammatory and has a ph that helps balance the skin naturally. Jojoba also contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, especially vitamin E, and naturally mimics the collagen in your skin. According to Shirley Price, a renowned aromatherapist and co-author of the book “Aromatherapy for Health Professionals,” jojoba oil may improve and relieve an assortment of skin conditions, including psoriasis, chapped skin, sunburn and eczema.  Found in Ah-Mazing Beauty Elixir, Fairy Dust Sunkiss, Fairy Dust Moonkiss , Take-It-All-Off Oil Cleanser, For Play Arousing Perfume Oil, Euphoria Uplifting Perfume Oil

Avocado Oil: Organic and cold pressed. This nourishing oil is incredible for all skin types, especially dry and maturing skin. The skin healing and softening properties of avocado oil are well publicized, being rich in lecithin, beta-carotene, lutein and vitamins A, B, and D and E and essential fatty acids, proteins, and sterolins. These sterolins helps to produce skin collagen and reduce age spots- evening out skin tone. Found in Ah-Mazing Beauty Elixir

Sunflower Oil: Organic, cold pressed and certified high Oleic.  Sunflower oil is nourishing and moisturizing without being greasy.  It’s also packed with antioxidants that help prevent free radicals from damaging your skin and adding to the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging.  Rich in vitamins A, C and E, lecithin, carotenoids and fatty acids including linoleic acid, and oleic acid that are great for your skin.   Found in Fairy Dust Sunkiss, Fairy Dust Moonkiss, Take-It-All-Off Cleansing Oil

Vitamin E (100% Natural Tocopherol): No synthetic forms of Vitamin E in our products!  Vitamin E is perhaps the most well-known vitamin and antioxidant essential for healthy skin.  This incredibly important nutrient is helpful for the reduction of age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Found in Ah-Mazing Beauty Elixir, Fairy Dust Sunkiss, Fairy Dust Moonkiss

Organic Vegetable Glycerin:  This amazing humectant helps draw moisture into the skin and trap it, keeping your skin and hair soft and supple.  Available in our Tone-It-Up Facial Toner