About CNB

Our Philosophy

The philosophy behind Christianne’s Natural Beauty is simple. The same natural ingredients that nourish your body – nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and aromatic plant essences –  should also nourish your skin, your senses, and your soul.

We believe natural, vegan, holistic and organic based skin care should be affordable and accessible to all.

Our Promise

Our products are natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. In addition, Christianne’s Natural Beauty products are filled with organic ingredients and free of parabens, mineral oil, talc, sulfates, and many other harmful chemicals. We only use recycled labels on our products. We prepare, ship and showcase our products in recyclable packaging – and we do not use any unnecessary packaging.

We want to give back to nature, so we include sustainable and plantable wildflower seed paper on several of our products.

Our Principles

Using principles of aromatherapy, nutrition, and holistic living, each of our blends are uniquely formulated to access the natural harmonic vibrations and uplifting aromas of essential oils.  In addition to the skin care benefits in our products, each blend is designed with an aromatherapy purpose: to uplift, to relieve stress, to arouse, to soothe, to calm, among others.

Our products are designed to help you bring out the best in your skin and your life.

Our Process

We couple precious essential oils with 100% organic and cold-pressed carrier oils to create Christianne’s Natural Beauty products.    We only use therapeutic grade steam distilled, cold-pressed and CO2 distilled essential oils.

We are committed to utilizing natural products and never use solvent extracted essential oils, which may use hexane and other toxic chemicals that can harm the therapeutic qualities of the oils.